Iranpowderhouse Supplier of all types of micronized mineral powders

Fully Automated Products

Iran Powder Mining and Trading CO.,LTD active in the field of export, trade and production of micronized mineral powders used in various pharmaceutical, food, industrial, chemical, drilling, etc. industries in different particle sizes and granulations using the latest technical knowledge With PLC control, German TKF technology and Austrian Alpine, the world is fully automatic and with advanced laboratory facilities and accurate and continuous control and monitoring of the product production process, causes uniformity and proper distribution of particles, and this process guarantees the high quality of the company's products. . In addition to mechanized production, having one of the best and most significant iron ore, calcium carbonate and gypsum mines in Iran with a purity of 99.99% has made this company superior to other competitors.

High quality, reasonable cost, continuity and variety of the company's products ensure domestic and foreign consumers to receive the raw materials they need in the shortest time and at the lowest cost and highest quality. At present, in addition to its presence in international markets, the company supplies raw materials to a large number of reputable domestic and foreign factories and manufacturers

In addition to supplying quality mineral powders, Iran Powder House Company, with the best iron ore mines and the highest quality calcium carbonate and gypsum mine in Iran, is ready to cooperate with domestic consumers and export and sign contracts with foreign parties to obtain raw materials. Get their need in the shortest possible time with the lowest cost and highest quality